Uniqlo partnered with Red Design Group to implement their international flagship format throughout four levels of the 2900m2 retail store on Lonsdale Street in Melbourne before moving into an Australia-wide roll out.

The main Lonsdale Street entry and visual merchandising windows are packed full of colourful merchandise display across half of the Emporium site at ground level. An additional 16 show windows above on levels one and two house rotating mannequins and colour changing lighting effects signalling the Australian arrival of a global brand.

Another three entries accessible from within Emporium Melbourne allow customers to access womenswear, menswear and children’s wear ranges of fashionable product. Escalators clad with red handrails and digital tickers above communicating Uniqlo’s long awaited arrival, ‘Tokyo to Melbourne’ guide customers travelling vertically throughout the store.

Glass enclosed displays house rotating mannequins clad with the latest fashions while adjacent merchandising tables and floor to ceiling floor fixtures are impeccably stocked with each available clothing size and colourway.

Easily identifiable fitting rooms and register banks make the purchasing experience enjoyable. The in store alteration room is an added benefit that ensures customers are completely satisfied.

Australia is a key market for Uniqlo in the Asia and Oceania region and marks the company’s first foray into the southern hemisphere.

In addition to Japan and Australia, Uniqlo operates in 16 other countries making it one of the fastest growing global retailers.